Tuesday, June 24, 2008

But for this one I wrote an essay... and I WON!

My dear friend Kathy was the winner last year of an ice cream block party when her essay submitted to Edy's ice cream was chosen and rewarded! This year I tried my luck as well, and somehow my words convinced them that I, actually better said, my neighborhood is worthy of such a treat!:)

I received a thick envelope in the mail last night with all the details of the party- the date, the ice cream delivery, the ridiculous amount of it etc. I think it will be such a great opportunity for our street to bond and enjoy a fun afternoon together.

Because I won the ice cream party, I want to extend the invitation to all those who want to stop by and mingle. Feel free to come out of town, we'll make room for you (Kathy... what do you say?:).

PS. This is the website if anyone else wants to apply for next time. Good luck!:)


studiocitro said...

I want to read the essay!!! :)

num said...

yeah felicia! and i agre, i think you should share the essay:)