Tuesday, June 24, 2008

But for this one I wrote an essay... and I WON!

My dear friend Kathy was the winner last year of an ice cream block party when her essay submitted to Edy's ice cream was chosen and rewarded! This year I tried my luck as well, and somehow my words convinced them that I, actually better said, my neighborhood is worthy of such a treat!:)

I received a thick envelope in the mail last night with all the details of the party- the date, the ice cream delivery, the ridiculous amount of it etc. I think it will be such a great opportunity for our street to bond and enjoy a fun afternoon together.

Because I won the ice cream party, I want to extend the invitation to all those who want to stop by and mingle. Feel free to come out of town, we'll make room for you (Kathy... what do you say?:).

PS. This is the website if anyone else wants to apply for next time. Good luck!:)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And I didn't even pray for this...

I so love this feature of our God- He can see in the future and He knows when we run out of patience and we might just do something stupid. And sometimes, just like in this example below, He does something out of the blue and totally smart about it.

I think I was almost at that point regarding my right-next-door-cubicle neighbor. She is not the most quiet person so besides loud chatting on the phone, loud comments yelled over the cubicle to her co-workers, loud singing along with her load overplayed music... yeah, all these added up can make my angelic face turn into a monster. This monster totally dissapeared at the great news she just gave me: she is moving to another cubicle, close to the window and... far away from me.

One thing I will not miss for sure is hearing "We Are The Champions'' song four, five times a day. I've never heard that song played so many times in my entire life added up together. I am not a champion anymore, but I feel like a winner... I gained my peace and silence back!

Monday, June 9, 2008

'Just because'

I came in at work this Monday morning and I couldn't help it but have a BIG smile on my face. There was this amazing multi-color rose arrangement waiting for me on my desk. I knew about it because last Thursday I got a phone call from the inter-office mail center to go and pick up a flower delivery I received. On the way there, I started thinking of the day... June 5th, first Thursday of month of June, etc but nothing came to mind that might be worth celebrated with a flower arrangement. Am I missing out something??

I thought it was my dear hubby surprising me with something. He did ask for my work address a couple of months ago, after all. I signed up for the box, and curiously opened the card. It touched my heart to read this: "We love you! Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter-in-law. Wendy and Barry." I knew this already, but I truly have the best in-laws I could have asked for.

I want to think of myself as being a giver more than a receiver but my in-laws gesture made me realize two things: once in a while it's great to be at the other end and receive and secondly it's even better to receive (or give) when there is no particular reason. That one simple explanation 'just because' is so refreshing to hear sometimes.

I am on a look-out for a 'just because' good deed to do!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My first race

Michael asked me last night if I wrote in my blog about my thing on Sunday. When I said no, he was surprised so I figured I should mention my little achievement.

Well, I finally signed up for a race (thanks to my good friend's Kate request- thanks girl for initiating this!). It was a 10K ZOOMA run in Annapolis, MD and now that I did it, I understand why some become addicted to racing. There is an adrenaline rush going, a high that keeps you going and makes you give your best. 10K is only 6.241 miles to be exactly, and that's a distance that I often run on my regular work outs. I figured I can do it without too much effort.

The results came in yesterday and in my age group of 25-29, I finished on the 8th spot, with the time of 51:47. I was also on the 25th place overall, out of 609 female runners for the 10k race.