Friday, November 7, 2008

Still alive and still kicking

You know when you keep putting something off, the more you wait to do it, the harder it gets. I often think of my 'muse', how quiet I've been lately... And it's not that I don't have things to say, experiences to share, photos to display, trips to brag about... Oh man, if I only had the time to do it!! That's my enemy as always and it looks like it's winning, BIG time.

A temporary solution for me was the micro-blogging on Twitter. I have more updates there that I have emails written down and sent and it's all because it's fast and convenient. These two words are so incredibly appealing with this 21st century lifestyles, that my only solution was to resume to my daily and randomly twitters.

Maybe these few lines will spark something in me and I will have a grande come back... but I don't want to give hope anyone. I am realistic by nature and optimist by choice so I hope the choice will win over my nature this time!

Until then... au revoir, take care, eat your veggies and carpe diem! What else??

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