Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And I didn't even pray for this...

I so love this feature of our God- He can see in the future and He knows when we run out of patience and we might just do something stupid. And sometimes, just like in this example below, He does something out of the blue and totally smart about it.

I think I was almost at that point regarding my right-next-door-cubicle neighbor. She is not the most quiet person so besides loud chatting on the phone, loud comments yelled over the cubicle to her co-workers, loud singing along with her load overplayed music... yeah, all these added up can make my angelic face turn into a monster. This monster totally dissapeared at the great news she just gave me: she is moving to another cubicle, close to the window and... far away from me.

One thing I will not miss for sure is hearing "We Are The Champions'' song four, five times a day. I've never heard that song played so many times in my entire life added up together. I am not a champion anymore, but I feel like a winner... I gained my peace and silence back!


studiocitro said...

So good to have you back and posting! :)

This post makes me think of my own office-sharing habits... :) But at least I don't play "we are the champions"... :)

Felicia said...

Thanks girl! I know I've been quiet for some time, I just felt so rushed and busy and always running around so keeping up a blog was loooow on my list of things to do. I am trying to slow down... Michael would be happy to hear that:)