Friday, April 11, 2008

Philadelphia, here I come!

It’s almost Friday noon and I can hardly contain my excitement. It’s been a looong week- I was super busy at work (I will be like this until the end of the fiscal year), I was home alone this week (Michael was off to a sunny California while he left me behind to deal with clouds, rain and not so nice spring weather… until today!!).

The reason I want to get up and do some jumps around is that in about four hours I will catch the train to Philadelphia! I am going there for a baby shower for one of the girls I went to school with, but usually a bridal or baby shower is the best excuse for a bunch of us to get together and catch up with life. They are all dear friends from University and seeing them will be a highlight in my Washingtonian existence.

I absolutely love DC but once in a while I need an excuse (any excuse) to go up to Philly and chill there. Tomorrow will be MY day in the city and I already have some things on the agenda: I will start with a massage at Philadelphia School of Massage (they know me there as the girl who comes from DC for a massage), then will stop at TBar for a nice cup of tea, moving on to CapoGiro (the best gelato I’ve had in US so far). Not far from the gelateria is this new chocolateria in town (was not there when I lived downtown, but I did stopped by a few times and drooled at their creations), I mean, how can I pass by a place like Naked Chocolate without going in?! After indulging in so many great calories, I will go and try to fit my expanded derrière by now into some trendy clothes at DAFFY’S… Ohhh… this will be a very therapeutic week-end!


studiocitro said...

can't wait to hear the stories!!!

Meadowlark Days said...

Ooo - sounds like a great weekend! How did it go? Wish I could join you for tea and chocolate - two of my favorite things! :-) Kristina from THE