Wednesday, April 2, 2008

About a month ago...

My birthday was almost a month ago, on March 6th exactly and contrary to my usual nonchalant attitude towards this kind of milestone, this year I decided to make a BIG deal about it. It's not because I turned 30 or something (I am only 29 in case you are curious), but I just felt the impulse to go a bit out of my way and celebrate it with style. And I did exactly that for an entire week long!

I had a 'project' going on where I took pictures of myself during the week- I documented what I wore each day, gifts and cards I received in the mail, people I met up with at lunch time, places I've been for dinner etc. The result was this photo album . Then week-end came and I threw myself a wonderful party, then the party continued as four dear friends of mine visited me all the way from Ohio and Indiana. Three of them were high school classmates from Romania so we considered this week-end a semi-reunion as well.

Michael asked me what to get me for my birthday but thinking of what I needed (I like practical gifts), I realized I was fine, I didn't need/want anything. I told him to let's just throw a party and enjoy the week and weekend and that will be enough for me. He gave me something better than anything I could have come up with and ask him for: he made this video clip of my birthday and the memories that come back watching this, are the BEST souvenir that I could have! Thanks love, you did well.


Anonymous said...

This is great! I never really do anything for my birthday either. Often I don't even tell people, but I think I might start throwing myself a big party! Hey, as I get older every year I'm still alive is a miracle and worthy of celebrating!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

ps - I just watched the video! How sweet of your husband to do that! You look so chic in it too!!!