Monday, March 31, 2008

Being part of T.H.E brings me here!

I already have a blog, not on though but in order to be part of The Hope Experiment, I needed to be 'enrolled' here... so here I am, gladly singing up for this in order to do this

I wasn't inspired enough so I named this blog the same as the other one I have. In a way it's accurate... the same muse will inspire me to write here, on T.H.E or my original blog. The same muse is the one who tells me that I can do more, I can create better, I can express and bring out my originality and imagination. As far as I am concerned, I am trying to keep this muse alive because without this aspect of life which involves conveying what cannot be seen inside me to something visible, inventive and beautiful, I will dry inside and become a dull, mediocre human being. That is more frightening to me than any other phobias in life (and there are 'only' 530 of them...)

So let the blogging begin...


Anonymous said...

Yay!! So excited you're joining The Hope Experiment!!!!! :-)

Felicia said...

Thanks, Jennifer. So am I!!